Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Photography Car Interiors Video by Tim Wallace – Special Offer on Kelby Training!

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How to Photograph Car Interiors by Tim Wallace (course link)

My favorite photographer, Tim Wallace, is back with another awesome class on Kelby Training that car junkies with cameras are going to flip out about! Here’s what it’s about:

Have you ever wondered how to light the inside of a car when you hardly have any room to move? Wonder no more and learn from the best in the business! Join Tim Wallace and Scott Kelby as they show you step-by step how to light and shoot a car’s interior using a Porsche Panamera as the subject. The key to lighting is all about the angles, and once you get the lighting right it frees you up to just focus on nailing the best composition. You’ll get to see every step in the process through Tim’s eyes as he shares his secrets for setting up the lights, highlighting the important details, and finding the right camera angle to make each automobile look its very best.

You must be a Kelby Training  member to watch it, but if you aren’t you can CLICK HERE to learn how to join with the best discount on the web.

Here’s a complete list of Tim Wallace courses on Kelby Training.


I’ve been a huge Tim Wallace fan for ages and he was the first person on my Favorite Photographers list for as long as it has existed. His car photography is automotive art on a whole new level which is why so many great car companies are using him for their coolest brochures and ads. If you love cars and photography, you want to be Tim Wallace. Short of that, you can at least learn how to shoot like Tim!

Where to order

CLICK HERE to get a discount on it and/or NAPP. For as little as $159 you could have access to the best video training by the best photographers on the web. There’s no better deal out there – period – not even from Kelby Training or Scott Kelby directly!

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