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REVIEW: ThinkTankPhoto Airport Navigator

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Airport Navigator offer compact portability while handing heavy loads

The Airport Navigator is a mini roller with a design that allows you to access your gear two separate ways as shown here:

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Unique to this bag is the open from the top and front design

Access from the top can be very handy when you are in a hurry as shown here:

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Top entry means you can get to your cameras quickly

Despite its size, you can hold a lot of gear too as shown here when opened from the "side" which is traditionally how you access camera bags:

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When laying the bag down, you can open it as you traditionally would other bags

What's also need about this bag is that it was purposely designed to ride on top of other larger bags as shown here:

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Another nice feature about this bag is that it piggybacks nicely
on other bags like the
Airport International

Video - A Peek Inside

Here's a closer look that offers more detail than the photos on the web:


This is a cool bag because it offers the arm and shoulder saving rollers when you have the luxury to roll the bag, but you can pick it up and throw it on your shoulder when ground conditions (i.e., gravel, cobblestone, steps, etc...) prohibit rolling.

It's a small bag, but it can hold a surprising amount of gear. What's more, if you don't mind taking two bags (especially when you have a 2nd person travelling with you), you can use this as your day bag while having your full kit stored in a bigger bag.

For some it will be the one and only bag you need and for others who can absorb the cost of a dual roller bag setup (especially those with travelling assistants) it offers that extra space you need while still fitting nicely in the overhead compartment of the plane.

With excellent zippers, rollers and shoulder strap, I have no reservations about recommending this bag for those with a need for a bag of this size.

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