Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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KelbyOne. Take better photos of your children.

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Behind the Scenes Video/Review of KelbyOne

See trailers for some of the class

Were you ever curious what is behind the scenes for KelbyOne?

Click here to see trailers for many of the classes and click here to see a list of the top photographers in the world that are instructors. You can also click here to see all of the courses that are available.Here’s a list of the top courses over the past 90 days (as of 11/29/16):

  1. Scott Kelby’s SLIM System
  2. Scott Kelby’s Removing Distracting Images
  3. Karen Hutton’s Finding your Voice
  4. Thomas Grubba’s Real Estate Photography
  5. Kristina Sheik’s Portrait Retouching in LRCC
  6. Scott Kelby’s Lightroom Killer Tips
  7. Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Techniques every Lightroom User Needs to Know
  8. Gabe Biderman’s Night Photography
  9. Scott Kelby’s Designing with Type
  10. Scott Kelby’s 10 Essential Landscape Techniques

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Rob said...

Hi Ron,

I wanted to mention that from viewing many tutorial videos from various sources (Kelby, Lynda, Youtube, free/paid), Kelby is a much better experience. The videos they offer feel like a true professional production, not just a video capture of someone running through pre-set steps.

They really feel just like how Scott Kelby writes his books, very informal as someone is a friend teaching you the skills rather than you sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. The pricing might be steep but honestly, most photography books are about $25~50 each, you get a much better value with hours of videos than a static book IMHO.

I just wish more video training sites would take after Kelby, especially IT certification videos.

ronmartblog.com said...

I agree which is why you see me recommending them instead of the others like you mention.

Thanks for the comment here (and on the 8-15mm article if you were the one who I accidentally deleted the comment for).

Value-wise, you just can't been KelbyTraining.com. My biggest "issue" is that I have a hard time finding time to watch all of the videos I want to watch, but when I do I'm glad I did.

I still like books for reference reasons, but the videos are great to give me the overview and get me oriented. After that books become more useful.


Chris Kirk said...

Potential customers should consider Lynda.com instead of the Kelby site. I subscribed to the Kelby site and have had a large number of logisitical problems. I have written customer service numerous times and not received any response on the specific issues. I have tested Lynda.com and have had a most positive experience in regard to its operation and to its quality content.

Unknown said...

Hi Ron,
thanks for your review and especially for the discount.
I watched tons of tutorials and videos on the web but I admit that the quality and the variety that kelbytraining.com offers is unbeaten.
I had the opportunity to attend a live training with Scott Kelby and, man, that was amazing!
The guy really knows his stuff and is very good at teaching.
Cheers from Germany,

ronmartblog.com said...

Chris - Thanks for your feedback. I've forwarded your comment to KelbyTraining.com. I've had a couple quirks with bookmarking, but otherwise its worked okay for me. I also like their iphone app.

I will say that Lynda.com is another decent option, but I found the videos to be just too damn long for my busy schedule.

Roberto - Thanks for your comment - your experience mirrors mine

Yodize said...

Hi Ron,

I just tried to sign up for kelby training but it said your coupon code had expired. Is there a new one?

Thank you!


ronmartblog.com said...

Thanks for lettting me know. It shouldn't be expired, so I'll look into it.

You cna double check too that it wasn't an intermittent problem on their end.

These things happen sometimes though but I can usually sort them out and get things working again so please come back. I'll report via the comments here once I find out what's going on.

ronmartblog.com said...

The coupon code has been reactivated, so it will work now.

Thanks for the report! Email me if you don't mind for a special reward.

Devon Wedding Photographer Mark Smith said...

Hi Ron,

A great read and based on this and a 24 hour trial I signed up using your code so hopefully you got a little back and I certainly appreciate getting the $20 off.

Looking forward to really getting stuck into the training now and seeing my photography improve.

Just as a little note, I personally see this as really cheap training, to go on a one day course here in the UK will cost between £150 and £400 so for less than even the cheapest I've got a year and many many courses to watch over and over. Obviously there are some differences between being hands on and just watching, however, for inspiration before going out into the field, being able to watch something at a time that is convenient is great.

Thanks again!


ronmartblog.com said...


There's really no better value in Photography - period. I can't get over how much great content there is at such a cheap price. Even if you were to buy DVD's of any of these instructors you'd probably pay more for a set than you'd pay for a year of Kelby Training.

I love it! I also love watching it on my iPhone when my wife is busy shopping! :-)

Devon Wedding Photographer Mark Smith said...

It's true, I didn't download the iPhone app yet, will have to do so pretty soon, but have watched it a lot on my HP Touchpad while in the gym, I just lay it over the controls of the exercise machine and plug my headphones in... fantastic, getting educated while getting fit!!

Donald B. Miller said...

If you haven't yet at least tried Kelby Training with their free 1 day membership DO IT NOW! Then use Ron's discount code and sign up! I did!
You won't find a better value anywhere for photography training!

Dan said...

This special $50 discount doesn't seem to work on renewals. I did not see this mentioned in the text.

ronmartblog.com said...


My apologies, I wasn't aware of this restriction. The RMKO14 code should still work for 10% off our renewal.

I'll work on updating the blog tonight.