Monday, June 6, 2011

REVIEW: Think Tank Photo Airport AirStream™ Rolling Camera Bag

The Think Tank Photo Airport AirStream™ Rolling Camera Bag is a compact roller bag that appears to be about 75% the height of my Airport Security v2.0, minus the backpack feature. Some travellers may find this more compact size to be more suitable to their travelling needs as a decent amount of gear can still be carried. Here are some examples configurations from the Think Tank Photo web site:

Mouse over to see a Nikon configuration, mouse out to see a Canon configuration
Example Canon (mouse out) and Nikon (mouse over)

I  won’t do a super in-depth written review of this bag as the Airport Security review pretty much covers everything as this is just a smaller version of the same bag. I do have a short video that shows what you get when your bag arrives from Think Tank Photo:

Play in HD


This bag is a very well made bag of the same quality as the Airport Security v2.0. The wheels and fabric handles are excellent. Unlike my airport security bag, the quality of the retractable handle seemed to be much better. I am not sure if it is the shorter size or the possibility that I just got a loose one my other roller, but this bag pull arm seemed to be very solid.

In the end, I’d recommend the Airport AirStream if you need a smaller roller bag to hold a reasonable amount of gear.

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