Monday, October 10, 2016

Imagenomic Portraiture 2.3.4 Skin Softening Tutorial (October 2016 Version)

Screenshot of Imagenomic Portraiture 2.3.4
Screenshot of the Portraiture User Interface

Despite 114,000+ views as of the time this was written, my Imagenomic Portraiture video tutorial received some complaints that it was hard to see the before and after because the model I used had such perfect skin. As a result of that feedback, I'm doing another version where it is much easier to see the before and after results.

Tutorial before and after image - click for a larger verison
Before and After of the video tutorial image - click the image for a larger version

I also got some feedback asking me to "just get on with it", so this new video starts off with the quick and dirty version and then has something extra afterwards for those who want more details about how to use my favorite skin softening product.

Video Tutorial - 2016 Edition

Without further adieu, here's the new video tutorial with my same boring voice:

Click here for the video page on YouTube

How does this compare to...

As of October 2016, I still think this is the best product on the market for skin softening.

Sure, you can find tutorials that show you how to do your own skin softening without a plug-in, but the power here is in the great defaults and the masking feature. I also find the results to be more pleasing than any other product I've used including Color Efex's Dynamic Skin softener, onOne Perfect Portrait, Portrait Professional, and more. I also have more high end professional photographers tell me that this is their go to product of choice more than any other, so I'm not the only one who swears by it.

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