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REVIEW: BlackRapid RS-Sport Camera Strap (UPDATED 2/24/2013)

BlackRapid RS-Sport Camera Strap
BlackRapid RS-Sport Camera Strap

Sometimes a product is so helpful to me that I just start using it and never get around to writing about it. This was certainly true of my original Hoodman Loupe and I’m sad to say it’s been the case with my BlackRapid RS-Sport Camera Strap. I got this product a little over a year ago and immediately put it to good use at a Seahawks game (see below):

Ron & Blitz - Copyright Rod Mar
All grins looking like Tim Taylor of Home Improvement with my Think Tank Photo Modular Components and Keep It Up Shoulder Strap as well as my BlackRapid RS-Sport Camera Strap

I’ve been using it nearly every time I go outside of the studio since that day. At first I hated the strap that goes under the arm, but I found that when I run around I find it super helpful to keep the strap snug on my shoulder. Your mileage may vary so you can go with this strap and remove the under arm strap if you find it to be annoying (as I once did).

Long-Term Report

Here's how I carry my long lenses
Here's how I carry my long lenses

Yes, it’s true that if you aren’t careful this strap will cause your camera to swing around and whack things – mostly your own thigh. To prevent that you need to lock the clips and swing it behind your hamstring which I found to be the safest place for it. I didn’t like mine on my hip bone so I typically just toss it to the back.

I’m also ultra paranoid based on reports from users who have had accidents, so I am always checking my camera mount to make sure its screwed in tight whenever I lower my camera. In the year plus that I’ve used mine none of those checks have ever caught an even remotely loose connection, so I’m not too worried about any accidents while using this anymore.

I also still like to have my regular camera strap as shown earlier, so these days I’ll wrap it up in a BongoTies.

Great Video from blog reader, Donald Scarinci

One of my blog readers, Donald Scarinci, made this great video that demonstrates how to use this strap with a Arca Swiss style bracket so that you don't have to remove your bracket from your camera. It's a very well done video that I encourage you to check out:


As photographers we are constantly bombarded with new crap to buy, so it’s hard to tell the good stuff from the junk. We all make mistakes and buy some junk products from time to time, but this is one that has stood the test of time as being essential to my kit. I love my BlackRapid RS-Sport Camera Strap and highly recommend it.

Where to order

Click here to order the RS-Sport strap or click here to see a selection of BlackRapid straps on the B&H web site. My friends at Adorama have them available here and Amazon sells them here.

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Unknown said...

If you like the sling style camera strap, you really should look at the CarrySpeed line of straps. I don't work for them, I just own one of their older straps and love it. With their plates, the camera sits much more nicely against your leg with the grip facing outwards for "quick draw". In addition, their newest line uses a plate that will also attach to your tripod using the arca swiss standard mounting plate. So no switching of base plates! That's huge!

bgood said...

I love the cross shoulder type strap for a) fast camera detachment and b) comfortable carry. I have the Balck Rapid, Looma Loop (now out of business), and Custom SLR C-Loop with Glide Strap. All are good. However, because I need to frequently detach the camera from the sling for ground level shots of toddlers, the C-Loop setup works best for me for 1) speed of attach/detach 2) security of handling the camera while attaching/detaching because the C-loop rig is bigger and less likely to slip out of your hand 3) loud confirming click when reattaching (an admitted negative in quiet environments).

Rob Moses said...

Is that a 1D mark ii you got on there? said...


No, it's a 1D Mark IV there which I am going to be selling soon. My primary camera is a 1D X.

Unknown said...

Hi Rob,

I really like all of your reviews. Just a quick question, how you tried coupling BlackRapid Sports strap with SpiderHolster as I was considering doing the same. Added peace of mind :) said...

Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

No, I've never had a reason to use my BR SportsStrap with the SpiderHolster. The SpiderHolster just freaks me out so I can't use it.

Donald Scarinci said...

I love the BlackRapid strap. I use a Really Right Stuff ballhead and bracket. To avoid removing the bracket when I attach my camera to the BlackRapid strap, I attach a clamp to the strap. Here is a YouTube video I did to demonstrate: said...


That's a great video - so good in fact that I've updated my article to include your video.

Thanks so much for sharing that!


jlawr said...

Have you ever tried a Spider Holster? How does it compare to the BR Strap?