Wednesday, September 23, 2015

REVIEW: Kelly Moore Chapel Bag

Kelly Moore Chapel Camera Bag Review
Kelly Moore Chapel Bag
Shown in Burnt Orange but available in multiple colors

A while back when I did my last review of Kelly Moore bags the response was overwhelming, so I’ve decided to bubble this article back to the top of the blog for those new visitors who may have missed it. This is a great bag that can be used as a stand-alone bag with a handle (shown above), carried with a shoulder strap or mounted as a back pack as shown here:

Back Pack straps make this bag very versatile

The shoulder strap is well designed
and you can even store your credit and memory cards in this handy pocket

You can easily store your tablet up front as well as accessories like the Rogue FlashBender or Rogue Softbox. Here’s a view under the main flap:

Tablets and accessories fit easily under the front flap

Inside I’m able to easily store a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105mm lens attached (with the hood in the forward position), a 70-200mm lens and a 600EX-RT flash. The dividers can be removed too so you can use this bag for whatever purpose you like. Here’s a view inside:

Inside there are dividers (shown on Kelly’s website) to hold your gear in place
See the video for more details

Video Overview

Here’s a quick video I did to demonstrate how you might use this bag:

View in HD

Wearing the Chapel Bag

My female readers have reminded me that they enjoy seeing how a bag looks “on”, so I’ve added a few photos here to demonstrate this bag in action on my sweet wife:

As backpack you can attach the top hooks
to the center (as recommend by Kelly)
or on the outside (as shown)

My wife reported the bag to be reasonably comfortable even though it had heavy gear in it.
She did wish for more cushion on the straps like you’d find on a
Think Tank Photo bag.

My wife preferred this bag mounted to the side as the shoulder cushion
made it more comfortable under heavy load


Kelly Moore makes excellent quality bags that feel like super high quality leather, but in fact they are synthetic. This helps to keep the price reasonable, but you’re fingers and nose will never tell the difference! In fact, it makes me wonder if some designer brands are using synthetics too!

Kelly offers a great variety of styles and colors, so go check out her web site to learn more!

NOTE: In this first image of this review I’ve tried to capture the color of this bag as I see it. The images on Kelly Moore Bag’s web site seem darker than what it looks to my eyes in real life.

Where to Order

Click here to learn more or order.


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