Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ron Martinsen added to X-Rite Coloratti

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X-Rite is well-known as the color management experts in the business. From color calibration tools from colorimeters to spectrophotometers and industry leading software – nobody is more respected in the business than X-Rite. To help recognize industry experts who understand color management, X-Rite has the prestigious Coloratti program.

I’m very pleased to have been added as an official member of the X-Rite Coloratti for recognition in my work on educating my readers on Color Management as part of my ongoing Printing Series.

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This is a honor provided by X-Rite. I do not get paid nor am I bound by any restrictions or contracts for this honor. While I do believe their products are class leading, this does not preclude me from reviewing competitive products which I have previously done and will continue to do. As such, if a better product comes along to solve a problem I will state so on this blog as I have always done.

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