Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How do I learn how to use my DSLR camera?

One of the most frequent questions I see in my photography club after someone gets their camera is “are there any classes I should take?”. What I interpret this to mean is really “hey, this DSLR isn’t as easy as my point and shoot, so how can I start getting killer images like I see others getting”. My stock recommendation for this is typically to read my article entitled Which Books Should I Read?, and that works great for some people.

The problem is that some people either don’t have time to read the books or just struggle with that format, but it is easy to identify them because they’ll typically follow up with “Are there any good videos or classes locally?”. To this I would generally suggest taking my Photography class or mention a few useful resources like lynda.com and Kelby Training. However, my favorite Photography book author, Bryan Peterson and I were exchanging emails the other day in preparation for his visit to Seattle when I ran across some great FREE video tutorials he’s done on his site. They are called Picture Perfect Tips, and they are mostly video representations of things you’ll find in his fantastic books. Bryan is super creative, but he also is an outstanding educator because he knows how to break things down into simple concepts or analogies that anyone can understand. This is why his books are so successful and why I feel they have been so helpful for me. I highly recommend you check these videos out as well as my Which Books Should I Read? article. In addition, if you like Bryan’s style and want more of that type of education, then check out my reviews on his books and figure out which one(s) are right for you:

Bryan’s books are a joy to read and have helped me tremendously. I know you’ll enjoy these videos and the best part is that they don’t cost you a penny!

Stay tuned to this blog this Late August/Early September for my interview with Bryan Peterson!

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