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Printing Series: Greg Gorman – Celebrity Photographer and Epson Stylus Pro Master Printer

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Greg Gorman is best known for his high intensity black and white prints which are typically printed using the Advanced Black and White (ABW) feature of the Epson driver. He loves his Epson printers for their superior dot pattern and industry leading black and white performance. He feels that Epson’s key to success is because they work closely with top photographers to keep their prints at the top of the game to offer photographers what they are looking for. While I was talking to him he was in the process of printing 50 - 40x50 inch prints and 150 - 20X24 inch prints of his past and current work for an upcoming Exhibition using his favorite paper – Epson’s Exhibition Fiber.

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Like all master printers today, the key to the success of his prints depends on an outstanding printer profile. To accomplish this Greg (a member of the X-Rite Coloratti) uses the X-Rite i1iSis XL Color Calibration System (B&H) and still has a fondness for the X-Rite i1iO Automated Scan Table as well. The profiles he creates are tweaked using Profile Maker (currently only available i1iSis bundles) which allows him to have the best paper profile possible for his style of images.

When using the Epson Advanced Black and White feature, Greg advises using the warm color toning mode and to set the tone in the custom color controls dialog to dark for gutsy looking black and whites. It’s worth noting that the image of the girl in the Epson Color Controls dialog is actually a Greg Gorman image!

While a majority of his work is done using the Epson ABW driver, when he has the time and wants the best possible results (or wants to do true split toning), his go to product is ColorByte Software’s ImagePrint RIP which he stated is “an extraordinary product.”

As a master printer, Greg does most of his work in Photoshop directly using a long running series of steps he’s perfected over the years to create his signature images. He prefers using PixelGenius and has enjoyed the occasional use of other products by companies like Nik Software (i.e., Silver Efex, etc..).

For those of you who follow my blog, you will probably recognize Greg’s name from my Top Photographers List. He is also a well-known Canon Explorer of Light.


Greg Gorman prints exclusively on Epson printers. His current printer line-up includes the amazing 9900 as his primary printer, as well as a 7900, 4880, 3880, & 3800 (the 3880 predecessor).

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Favorite Papers

Using his finely tuned paper profiles, Greg Gorman likes to print on the Epson Velvet Fine Art and Epson "Signature Worthy" papers such as the Hot Press Bright and Cold Press Bright. However, when I spoke to him his 9900 was loaded with a roll of Epson Exhibition Fiber.

What are some important things to consider when making a fine art print?

“First and foremost is composition and content. Secondly is tonal range and contrast.  Thirdly is execution in terms of media and size.”

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Shoot & Print with Greg Gorman

One very cool thing I’d like to mention is that you can actually get photography and printing instructions from Greg Gorman at his workshop in Mendocino, California. In addition to his personal instruction, he has a rotating staff of supporting instructors that reads like a who’s who of Photography!  Check out the cool videos on his web site to learn more about this amazing experience which ends with great food and wine and amazing views at his Oceanside home!

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Special Offer
I am thrilled to announce that Greg Gorman is offering my readers a 10% discount off the enrollment fee for his workshop. To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do when enrolling is include in your email to and let Trish know that you would like the “Ron Martinsen’s Photography Blog 10% Discount”. It’s my dream to attend this series one day, so please be sure to write me if you attend and let me know how much you enjoyed it!


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