Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture of the Week - Lake Street EL - Chicago

Lake Street EL - Chicago - Photo of the Week Entry

Last week’s Picture of the Week kicked off a firestorm of controversy in my photography club because there are just some people who really dislike HDR. To me it is a tool to express the vision of the artist who images the photo. You can chose to like it or not, but it’s no less of an artistic tool than a camera, a paint brush, or Photoshop itself.

This week’s shot is another HDR image that I enjoy simply for the lines and the colors. I don’t look at images and decide if they are worthy based on anything other than the feeling I get when I look at the image.

I like this image – that’s it.

Congratulations to Randy Curtis for expressing his artistic vision and having the courage to use the tools at his disposal to make what would certainly be a boring shot, more extraordinary by processing it the way he’s done. The excellent use of lines and repeating patterns here grabs me as well. It would be a perfect submission in my Art of Seeing class I took, and I know Bryan Peterson would love it.

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Learn more about HDR from the master himself, Trey Ratcliff, by attending his 9 hour webinar series!

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