Thursday, June 23, 2016

Topaz Labs Impression 2.0 - Faster & Better (Special Offer)

I liked the results I got from Topaz Labs Impression 1.0, but it was painfully slow on my system so I never took advantage of all it had to offer. I wanted to, but I just wasn’t that patient.

Thankfully, all of the goodness that was added to Topaz Labs Texture Effects has made its away into Impression 2.0 resulting in a much faster and user friendly product. Here’s a list of some of the improvements:

  • 30+ New effects - Impression 2 now comes with over 140 effects!
  • Larger Brush Panel - no more squinting to find the brush you need
  • Masking - Impression 2 now includes masking in application! Using a brush, color range, luminosity range, or spot masking, the masking panel even includes our color aware tool.
  • Topaz Community - now you can share your created effects with the other users of Impression 2 with a click of a button. Not seeing an effect you like? Browse the Topaz Community to surf an ocean of custom user made effects.
  • New brush customization options:
    • “Number of strokes” options to change the number of strokes applied to the image.
    • “Large Brush Volume” that adjust paint volume in large areas of color to help focus on the details.
    • “Stroke “Rotation Variation” to add randomness to your effect strokes.
    • Highlight and Shadow control in the lighting menu.
    • Support for High DPI (4k) monitors in Windows 7/8/10

Topaz Impression generates natural painterly effects by painting brush strokes one at a time. (It just does this very fast!) Impression can paint over 10,000 brushstrokes in less than a second, all while completely following your artistic direction, making truly personal art that you can call your own.

Impression 2 requires Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.9+, and a GPU with OpenGL 3.3 or higher.

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