Monday, March 3, 2008

Time for more gear

After my first strobist experiment I realized, I need more gear. As a result, I decided to place another order with B&H and got this: Adjustable Clamp Company PONY SPRING CLAMP 3" w/TIPS $6.50 I ordered 4 of these to hold backgrounds and stuff. These are giagantic though - so I'm wishing I would have ordered the 2". May have to return some or all of them based on size alone. They work well though and I love the 1" ones I have already. Westcott 6 IN 1 42" ILLUMINATOR REFLECTOR KIT $99.95 Nice kit and now is listed as $120 on the B&H site. I guess I got a deal - whoohoo! Comes with a video too, which I'm going to need to get this damn thing back in the bag! I paid $141.55 which includes $15.60 for 3 day shipping on 2/27/08 and it arrived today on 3/1/08. As well as my first order with (who has a crappy web site) and got the following: LumoPro LP604 5-Section 6ft Stand $39.99 This is a decent compact stand. Not as nice as the Bogen Manfrotto, but close enough and a great value. When I buy my next stand, it will probably be another one of these. Strobist Pro Rosco Color Correction Gel Pack $14.95 Okay, I was lazy here. If you have access to single sheets of colored transparencies, you can get what this kit offers you. If you don't, then it is an easy way to get some gels to play with. Rosco DIY Kit $9.95 A total waste of money. Don't buy this kit. It is basically some black straws (which are hard to find) and piece of black construction paper and some mirrored paper. No instructions included, so you have to search out instructions at places like Bogen/Manfrotto Compact (Umbrella) Stand Bag $39.00 Another waste of money, but I have a larger version I got for my tripod (for free) that I like quite a bit so I got this one. It is small, but large enough to hold two umbrella stands (maybe 3 -we'll see). It's way overpriced though. Bongo Elastic Ties $5.00 Black rubber bands with little things on them - not quite as nice as what you see on the strobist blog and worth about $2.00 if you ask me. LumoPro LP632 Umbrella Swivel w/ Hot Shoe Adapter $16.99 This was the highlight of the order. This is a nice adapter and very economical. I'll be buying more of these in the future and recommend them. The only downside, which some may consider to be a an upside, is that they feature teeth in the rotating portion which limits your angles (not by much as the teeth are small) and the speed at which you can change the angle. All told it was $154.06 after $28.18 for UPS Ground shipping. I ordered it on 2/27/08 and it came in on 3/1/08, which was the same as 3 Day from B&H. Good deal!

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