Saturday, February 28, 2009

Post your top three shots!

One of my colleagues in my photography group this evening suggested that everyone submit three of their favorite photos so we could get an idea of everyone’s work. I thought this was a great idea and it has spawned a very fun email conversation. Thanks Justin for kicking this off (and don’t forget to post yours here)!

In the spirit of doing the same here, I’d love for my blog readers to do the same. Here’s the short rules:

  1. Using a comment to this article, submit three links to your favorite photos. If you use Flickr, then post them to the blog readers pool.
  2. Three and only three – I know, it can be hard.
  3. These are your favorites – they don’t  need to be others favorites or professional. Point and shoot shots are okay.

Here’s my favorite three:

Chicago-165 Kimi Räikkönen - Canadian Grand Prix 2008 Raia 533 - Color Stylizer

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Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Justin's email thread before it became a thread. It was such a wonderful, obvious idea that hadn't actually happened. My three:

Sailboat on Puget Sound:
Lightning in Glacier National Park :
Sea Turtle in Hawaii:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it was such a popular topic!

Oklahoma Salt Flats:
Woodland Zoo Grasses:
Self Portrait with pumpkins:

Anonymous said...

My favorite shots:

Nick said...

Here are my favs: