Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pocket Wizard's answer to Radio Poppers

You've gotta check out Pocket Wizard's web site to see how Pocket Wizard is FINALLY answering the call to a quality product for doing TTL without a cord or infrared. This is the product we've been waiting for.

This is the product RadioPoppers should have been, but instead they seem more like garage project hacks that went from being a bargain to nearly as expensive as PocketWizards. I'm glad they existed to help Pocket Wizard get off its laurels and start doing something that should have been done years ago, but I'm optimistic that this will be a better solution long-term.

Mini TT1


This is the transmitter that mounts to your camera hot shoe and still supports you putting a flash on top of that (although there appears to be an issue with the 5D Mark II under that scenario).

You can pre-order yours now for Canon and Nikon at B&H, and read here for more info.

Flex TT5


This is a replacement for your Plus II or MultiMax to have full TTL support - woohoo!!!!

You can pre-order yours now for Canon and Nikon at B&H, and read here for more info.

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Mike Hollister said...

Ron, how would you compare these to cypercyncs? said...

No, I haven't used CyberSyncs but from what I see from here they don't appear to support TTL, so that would make them more of a direct competitor to the classic PocketWizards rather than to the RadioPoppers or the MiniTT1/Flex TT5 combo.

Construction-wise, they appear to be similar to RadioPoppers.

Anonymous said...

Radio Poppers are just great. I use them on Nikon. So far they can't be beat on Nikon. See how I use them at

I use the standard Pocket Wizard II's as well.

I hope that this helps.