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When I featured my last article on when I got a metallic print framed, and I was thrilled with the results. This time, when I needed to get some prints to display in my wife’s obstetrician’s office I went back to without hesitation. I loved the results I got before, so this time I was a little more daring. I started out by trying their standout frame which is basically a picture glued to a thick foam core board. Here’s a view from the front, side and rear of the 8x12” standout printed on E-Surface paper with a lustre coating:

Moonhee MPix Frames-3 Moonhee MPix Frames-5 Moonhee MPix Frames-6

It was okay, but for $31.49 ($30 + $1.49 for lustre coating) I felt I’d rather spend a little extra money and get a frame. Fortunate, for this order I DID! Here’s the two frames I ordered:

Moonhee MPix Frames-2 Moonhee MPix Frames-1 

Much better! For only $2.99 for the frame on the left, and $7.99 more for the frame on the right, I got an 8x12” frame with the same exact type of print in a custom frame shop quality frame with excellent quality glass. However, the results were outstanding – especially the black matted version which has been getting tons of great feedback from those who are seeing it in real life. I’m embarrassed to say how many times more I’ve spent for a similar product from my local frame shot (where I provided the photo), but let’s just say they won’t be seeing me again.’s frames prints are outstanding!

A Word about Shipping from

If you are like me, your biggest fear for ordering frames through the mail is that you’ll get a damaged frame. Let me assure you that there’s no reason to worry. always ships these frames out FedEx overnight so it minimizes the transit time (and thus the likelihood of damage), PLUS they wrap these things enough drop so that they could be dropped from the roof of my house on to the concrete below and they’d survive unscathed. I’m serious. It takes about 10 minutes to open one of these frames because they put bubble wrap on all four corners, then they put a piece of oversized cardboard against the frame and shrink wrap it. This is placed in the gigantic bubble wrap in a huge box (you think your 8x12 is really a 16x24 when you see the box).

I keep forgetting to take a picture of how well these are done because I’m so excited when they come in, but believe me when I tell you that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to get a damaged frame. In fact, I’d go so far to say that if you got a damaged frame it was because it was that way BEFORE it shipped – it’s really that good!.

Shipping all 3 of these frames overnight via FedEx cost me $10.75, which I felt was very reasonable. I’ve paid nearly that much sending just regular prints from other services. My total order was $115.75, which is less than I’ve ever paid for one framed print from my local frame shops, so I consider this to be a steal!


The last time I talked about I worked very hard to get my readers a discount, but that isn’t something that they normally do so I could only get one for a short period of time (15 days to be exact). GIven the fact that this was during my Noise Reduction Roundup, most people just flat out missed the offer. Well, enough of you saw it that felt it was worth it to offer another discount, but this time for twice the duration. From now until June 30th, you’ll get 15% off your entire order (or ANYTHING you want from when you enter the discount coupon code ronmart2 in your shopping cart. I encourage you to take advantage of this offer as I know you’ll be pleased with the results!

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