Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo of the Week Winner

Daily Photo #119 – January 20th 2011 – Big Mini

Okay, I’ll admit it that I’m a sucker for cars and photography of anything on wheels. If you look at my Top Photographers list you’ll see that Tim Wallace (the top car photographer in the world IMHO) is #1 on my list. This is why I could help but pick William Doran’s sweet shot of this Mini.

William is a repeat winner of the Photo of the Week title.

I thought the lighting and color of this shot was simply gorgeous and sans a few little niggles that I have with this shot, I could easily see myself printing one of these bad boys at 24x36 and hanging this image on my wall!

Congrats for the great shot William you managed to snag with a humble Nikon D60 at 18mm for 1/400 sec at f/5.6 (ISO 400) – I love it! Please do me a favor and reply in a comment on your setup on how you got this cool shot as I’d love to know more about it!

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William Doran said...

I nabbed this shot on a photowalk through Seattle. It was parked in an alleyway up on Capitol Hill. This was taken way back when I was just getting into digital photography so I took a whole bunch of exposures and then picked my favorite later. I purposely shot it at 18mm because I was in a narrow alleyway and was forced to get really close to the car, but I really liked how it ended up with that "big nose" look.

All of the post-processing was done in Lightroom. I cropped it a bit and applied a preset called "300 v1" then tweaked it to my liking. said...

Cool - thanks for sharing!

I want to know where you got that 300 v1 preset? Lightroom Killer Tips?

William Doran said...

I got that preset in a big batch of presets that someone linked at work. It's this one here: