Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo of the Week – Aker Brygge in the evening

Aker Brygge in the evening

Congrats to Vegard Hamar for getting this colorful shot of Olso, Norway with is D7000 (one of my favorite cameras on the market today). With his lens set to 30mm at f/20 for 10, 20 and 30 seconds @ ISO 200, he managed to capture a nice reflection of the colorful lights in the water in this HDR image. Taking this photo right after sunset helps to create the beautiful blue sky found at twilight along with a splash of post processing saturation or vibrance adjustments.

My recommendation for improvement on a shot like this is to crop some of the sky so that it doesn’t consume more than 1/3rd of the image. In fact, I think this shot could have benefited with swapping that extra space with the bottom of the frame to catch more of the reflections from the city.

My grandfather is from Norway so I enjoy seeing photos like this of his home country, so this fact coupled with the rich colors made this an easy choice for my Photo of the Week!

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