Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photo of the Week - Cuernos del Paine at Sunrise

Cuernos del Paine at sunrise (HDR)

I see a ton of photos daily. In fact I see so many good photos that I’m rarely wow’d by a photo, but this is a HOLY CRAP – WOW photo!!!! What’s more this is an HDR taken in Torres del Paine National Park (Chile) that doesn’t look like your typical HDR shot to me. Photographer Mandy Paul writes:

Our last full day in Torres del Paine was the best day we had weatherwise, starting with an absolutely gorgeous sunrise which has been enhanced just a bit in this photo. :)

This one was 3 raw files merged to HDR in Photomatix 4 using their "Tone Compression" preset, then I cropped out a distracting foreground and punched it up a bit further in Lightroom 3. IIRC during capture I also used solid ND filters to lengthen the exposure to make the water look smoother.

Congrats Mandy on putting your Canon 5D Mark II to good use to get this amazing shot.This was a long bracketed exposure taken at f/11 and ISO 100 with one of my favorite lenses – Canon’s 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM. 

I love the artistic freedom taken to give this image such wonderful color – it’s a wonderful scene that I’d love to have in my portfolio and printed huge so I could hang it in my living room. A big thumbs up to Mandy for creating one of the coolest landscape shots I’ve seen in a while!

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