Monday, July 11, 2011 Presents Recapture Your Vision with Nik Software: Presented by Janice Wendt (TODAY)

Ever wonder why your captured images do not live up to your expectations? The exposure was right, the lighting was right, and most important, the framing was right. But the image did not live up to what you envision. Learn re-touching techniques that bring back the “alive” feeling, the mood, and all that inspired you when you committed to capture the image.

Her techniques remove the need for tedious selections and endless numbers of steps. These lessons are developed in such a way to save countless hours in front of your computer screen.  Janice will teach how to get the most out of your workflow, optimizing raw images, noise-reduction techniques, global adjustments vs. targeted adjustments, selective enhancements, bringing out detail, applying traditional techniques, black and white images from color capture and creating a style with your retouching. and Nik Software have teamed up to bring you this special webcast exclusively for Ron Martinsen Photography Blog readers. Ron’s been a big fan of Nik Software for years and was one of the first web sites to offer a 15% discount off Nik Software (coupon code RMARTINSEN), so he’s very excited to have all of his loyal readers get to know their Nik Software products during this presentation. If you haven’t purchased any Nik Software products yet, you’ll really enjoy seeing the cool things that Janice can do with Nik Software. You are certain to see why Ron loves these products so much and uses them on nearly every photo he edits!

Janice’s teaching technique is designed to energize and inspire you to see what is possible in the final steps of image preparation. Tools to be used include: Photoshop CS5 and the full suite of Nik Software products.

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This session will take place on Monday, July 11, 2011 at 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT. It is open to blog readers around the world. To register, simply click this link:

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