Monday, January 23, 2012

PREVIEW: Creative Lighting by Harold Davis

Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques by Harold Davis is a book that I never expected to grab me like it did. Honestly, I had never heard of Harold Davis but he’s actually written quite a few photography books, so it’s no surprise that I quickly found myself engulfed in his book.

Now, I’ll be up front and say that I didn’t read every page cover to cover of this book because I simply didn’t have time, but I read and skimmed enough to feel comfortable giving this book a thumbs up (just as I had done with Sketching Light). One of the reasons why is that I strongly believe that a great photography book starts with great images that appeal to my subjective taste, and this book is chock full of that. In addition, it features a lot of techniques and theory in a way that I can digest it (unlike Photographically Speaking).

Now by looking at the images, I wouldn’t call Harold Davis a Photoshop Guru, but I would call him a composition guru. Since that’s an area where I lack, I got a lot of inspiration from the content of this book.

You can peek inside here to get a quick taste of what this book has to offer and how Davis discusses “understanding light”. If what you see their grabs you, then I’d suggest adding this book to your reading list because what follows seems to only build from there.

It is available in both Print and Kindle formats and may be purchased by clicking this link.


I have read a portion, but not every page of this book. I have thumbed through every page and feel it meets my standard of a quality photography book. If you purchase using the links found in this article, I may get a commission.

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