Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ron Martinsen Online Courses and Portfolio Reviews

After a successful workshop and numerous happy students from previous classes, I find myself wanting to teach some courses again. However, I’m also finding it difficult to fit my schedule and everyone else's schedule into a time that works for us all. One solution to this problem might be an online course offering.

I’m considering offering a few online courses that would feature videos that you watched at your own leisure and featured a personal interaction (i.e., chats, hangouts, email, or even a conference call). I’m also considering offering a portfolio review service.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please take the following survey so I can better tailor the course to your needs:

Click here to take survey

Please use the comments in this article if you have any other suggestions or recommendations. I’d also be willing to consider a guided photo vacation where we meet in a city for a day or two (i.e., New York, Tokyo, London, etc…) and do a photo walk or workshop like the one I did in Seattle. If anyone is interested, then please let me know via my contact page. Please include details about the location, days and your budget for a course of this nature.

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