Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best of ronmartblog.com: Photomatix & Topaz Reviews

Someone said to me recently that “there’s a bunch of great stuff on your blog if you look for it, but after it’s off the main page nobody’s likely to find it.” That comment inspired me to try out a little “Best of the Blog” idea where I remind people about some of the popular articles of the past that are still relevant today.

I hope you enjoy the blast through the past here. Click the heading (in blue) to go to the topic and use the images below them to jog your memory about the product in question.

HDRSoft Photomatix Pro 4.x

HDR Fisheye Forest - Copyright Ron Martinsen - All Rights Reserved
Here’s a wild HDR images created with a Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom (review)

Topaz Adjust 5.0

Trey Ratcliff secret sauce:

Topaz Labs B&W Effects

After this article, some say that this contender wasn’t a pretender and felt it was nearly as good as Silver Efex Pro 2…

B&W Effects - Traditional Collection - Warm Tone

Topaz Labs DeNoise 3.0

Topaz Denoise 3 - click for a larger image

Topaz Labs InFocus

Hand your camera to a bartender in a dark pub in Dublin and a blurry photo is sure to follow. Now how do you fix it? Learn here…

Mouse over to see before, mouse out to see after
After InFocus and basic sharpening
(Hover to see the before & click for a larger version)

Topaz Labs ReMask 3.0

Complex masking sucks, but ReMask 3 makes it pretty simple to get 95% of the work done in a hurry…

Topaz Labs Star Effects

Add some extra sparkle to your images…


I hope you enjoy this blast from the past! Enjoy the discount coupon code page for discounts on ALL of these products.


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