Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now is the time to jump on Michael Zelbel's VIP list

I’ve heard from Michael Zelbel, the author of “How to Shoot Awesome Photos in any Bedroom (review), that he’s just about to release a new interactive video coaching program for beginner and amateur photographers. It will soon hit the shelves and if you know Michael's stuff then you know it’s going to be awesome. He is going to teach:

  • how to pick your signature style, then
  • shoot really cool photos in your style and
  • present them in a way that opens doors for you

If you are going to purchase this program then it will set you back a pretty penny. That's why I would like to drop you a timely tip about how to get your hands on it at a reduced price.

Before Michael releases the product to the public he wants to collect feedback from beginners and amateur photographers who go through this program in order to develop their skills. That’s why he is going to put the complete program up in his Pro Portfolio Club Coaching Club, so that all members can go through it and provide their feedback. The current members of the club already helped him a great deal developing the program. Besides the opinion of his current members he would also like to have some new members checking it out, members who were not involved with the creation of the program at all.

That’s why he is going to open up the club for new registrations this weekend. Invitations are sent to his VIP list only. If you like to get an invitation, then head over to the following link and get your email onto his VIP list:

If you make it into his club, then say hello to him from me.


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