Friday, June 22, 2012

Real World Shots: Sony NEX-7 Panorama & More Images Added

f/4.5 @ 33mm, 1/60 sec ISO 1250 AWB Aperture Priority

If you enjoyed my Sony NEX-7 review (click here), then you’ll be happy to know that I’ve added more real-world sample images at These are all in-camera JPEG’s with zero post-processing and no flash. Click the images to see the originals (6000x4000px usually).


I’ve also including some panoramas as shown below (click for original):

Wide Pano
I failed here because I moved too slowly (12416x1856 pixels)

Wide Pano
This time was better and it did a decent job with only a few small errors found if you look closely

Standard Pano (8192x1856 pixels)

Miscellaneous Shots

Along with the first shot in this article, these are just some random shots that I think show off the ability of this camera. All were taken with the 18-55mm kit lens.

f/3.5 @ 18 mm, 1/40,ISO 1600 AWB Aperture Priority

f/13 @ 18 mm, 1/200,ISO 100 Intelligent Auto

Sunny Day Torture Test
f/13 @ 25 mm, 1/160,ISO 100 AWB Intelligent Auto

Autofocus fail and horrible auto white balance
f/4 @ 32 mm, 1/60,ISO 1600

Auto White Balance just went wonky here (that’s a white plate)
f/4 @ 24 mm, 1/60,ISO 800



Click here to read my full review of this camera.

The more I use this camera, the more I appreciate what I can do. It takes a great image for sure, but I find Canon and Fujifilm cameras easier to use in the field due to better hard button controls and menus. I also find that auto white balance can be very bad sometimes, and the flash is useless.

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Too expensive for your budget? How about this option…

If the NEX-7 is out of your budget, you might want to consider the NEX-F3 which is now shipping. It’s a fraction of the cost, comes with the excellent 18-55mm lens and is only $598!

The cool thing about the NEX system is that it seems to be well thought out and executed, so you could buy the F3 and then grow into the 7 down the round. Your lens and accessories would still work so you could get the body only for the 7 and you’d be back in business


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