Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest Blog: EXPLORE | Photographers@Microsoft Photo Book by Matthew Woodget

Book Cover

Can a photo make a difference to the world? How about a book full of virtually every type of photo you could imagine?

Last week for the Giving Campaign we launched the 2012 photo book from the photographers@Microsoft. The book is made by the community of photographers of Microsoft and is used to raised money for The United Way Worldwide. A $50 book sends all proceeds ($37.50) to the United Way. For Microsoft employees in the US this is matched to make that $75. Last year we raised over $90,000 and this year we are shooting for $100,000.

After three years “in the book” I decided to help make and market the book this year. It’s simply a stunning collection of photos that illustrates the diversity and creativity of the photography community here at Microsoft. A community I’m very proud to be a member of.

For me the inclusion of ‘J’s photo (in the X on the cover) was a coup for the triumph of art and human connection (with a little bit of technology thrown in). You can read the story about this photo here. Next step; sending her two books and when she presents one to her school (it’s the school gate) to have her family take a photo of that moment.

Explore photographersATmicrosoft Launch Party 2012 (12 of 28)

We were lucky enough to have brilliant photographer and all round nice guy Chase Jarvis help us launch the book. His talk was inspiring and exciting. He shared with us his passion for photography, community and exploration. His “hit list” was a hit with the crowd. For me it resonated on a variety of levels; working hard at what you love, making your own rules, the creative process of iteration, learning, creating space for things to happen and helping others. You can read the inspired list here in full.


How to buy

You can buy the book via the Online Microsoft store (linked to from the Photographers at Microsoft site here) select “Buy” from the Photographers at Microsoft site then (for non Microsoft employees) at the Microsoft store site click “All other shoppers may sign up here”.


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