Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Topaz Labs October 2014 Webinar Visitors (Coupon Code & Video Link)

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Thank you to everyone who attended my Topaz Labs Webinar! Click here to see all of the Topaz Labs products and be sure to visit my discount coupon code page to get a discount on ALL Topaz Labs products. 

While I didn’t feature it in the webinar due to its recent release, Impression is an awesome (albeit a little slow at this time) product that can create some stunning artistic effects. While it isn’t for everyone, it’s certain to please those people who are looking for something unique that they haven’t seen from other products before. Here’s literally a one click example from the numerous options available:

Copyright (c) Ron Martinsen - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

If you like Simplify, you will love Impression!

More about this webinar

This webinar focused mostly on the following products:

Here’s a couple of the images covered by the webinar today:

Copyright (c) Ron Martinsen - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Copyright (c) Ron Martinsen - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Click here to see the webinar recording. Unfortunately the audio quality is very low so you’ll need to turn up your speakers.

Where to order

Click here to learn more or order and don’t forget to use my Discount Coupon Code page to save on your purchase.

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