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The “ Greatest Save” Contest (12 Prizes – Free Software) – Rules Update 4/5/09

For those of you who decided not to enter, this had to be one of the easiest contests because I think everyone that submitted a valid entry won! Click here to view the winning entries. Here’s a list of winners per product, along with a link to their winning entry:


Kevin -
Daniel -
Kamal -
Duncan -


Brian -
Todd -
Tim -
Justin -

Noise Ninja

Mark -
Karan -
Eric -
berzamora -

Congrats to all of those who participated and won!

PictureCode, Nik Software & Imagenomic have been kind enough to offer a free license for Noise Ninja 2.x Professional, Dfine 2.0 or Noiseware 4.1.1 for 12 lucky readers of this blog who win my “Greatest Save” contest. Four first place winners will get to pick the product of their choice, and eight runner-up winners will win a license of what is remaining. The rules of the contest are simple. Post a AFTER photo (see camera rules) to my Flickr Blog Reader’s group, and then make your first comment to photo that includes a before photo along with the following information:

  1. The Noise Reduction product you used to reduce the noise from the image (all products featured in this article have free trial versions, so use one or all of them for your submission).
  2. The exact steps you took using the Noise Reduction software to improve the photo.
  3. What you liked and disliked about the product you used.

An example entry is shown here.

Discounts will be available for some of the products featured in this roundup in future articles so stay tuned!

Contest Rules
  1. You must follow the instructions above, and add your photos to Ron Martinsen's Blog Readers group pool with the tag “ Greatest Save Contest” (use quotes to avoid this becoming 4 different tags).
  2. Shots should come from the higher ISO’s that your camera offers. The before photo MUST show visible noise. Your photo must have EXIF so More Properties works in Flickr to be eligible.
  3. Multiple entries allowed, but only one prize per winner. Winner will be notified via a personal comment by me to their photo and via Flickr mail that that they have one. You will need to provide me with your real email address, name, address and phone number so that you can be registered and then a license will be sent to you from a sponsor or myself.
  4. Void where prohibited, and the winner is responsible for taxes on the prize (if applicable).
  5. I reserve the right to disqualify any entry and the winner will be selected at my discretion. I also reserve the right to cancel the content in the event that the sponsor(s) should be unable to deliver the prizes for any reason. The pictures are subject to the terms of Flickr.
  6. By participating you grant me the royalty-free right to display your entry on this blog (via a direct link from Flickr) for the purpose of noise reduction related articles. If you do not wish for me to do this, then please send me Flickr mail and I’ll exclude you from this clause in email.
  7. Entry deadline is April 24th, 2009 and winners will be announced on this blog with a inline (assuming you aren’t excluded in #6) and direct link to your photo on or near April 26th, 2009.

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