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REVIEW: National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) Cash Discount (Updated Jan-7-14)


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NAPP Home Page

People ask me all the time if my NAPP membership is really worth it, and I always give a resounding YES. The reason why is because the magazine alone offers lots of great tips worth of the price. However, online you get great tutorials and training that are quick and to the point. What’s more you get help from experts in the community and so much more!

Here’s a quick overview of what you get:

Home Page

The Home Page (shown at the top of this article) is where you land after logging in and it usually features What’s New, a word from the director and general news. It also features a portfolio each week, so if you are lucky your portfolio could be featured for all NAPP members to see!


Sample of NAPP Tutorials
Here’s the top of the list of 48 tutorials offered at the time this was written
More are always being added too!

The Tutorials are what finally pushed me into joining. I had seen a friend working on a photo and he couldn’t remember how to do something, so he did a quick search of NAPP’s 1075 tutorials and found exactly what he was looking for (and it was even a video that show exactly how some hard to describe in words things worked). This was so cool, and I’ve found myself staying up WAY too late at nights sometimes enjoying the very cool tutorials here which will likely teach you how to do all your favorite Photoshop concepts.


Sample of NAPP Magazine Content

To me the part of my NAPP membership that has helped me the most is my subscription to Photoshop User magazine. This magazine is VERY good because it features step by step tutorials on some of the latest Photoshop techniques from industry greats like Scott Kelby, Vincent Versace, Matt Kloskowski and much more. If you want to stay on the bleeding edge of what’s cool in the Photoshop world, and learn how to do it months (or even a year in some cases) before the technique shows up in a Scott Kelby book, then this is the magazine for you. There’s been so many times where I’ve learned a really cool technique from the magazine and immediately found myself using it as part of my regular digital workflow.

The Magazine section the NAPP site gives you digital access to samples files for the magazine as well as access to back issues.


Sample of NAPP Portfolios

Want to see some fantastic photography from the readers of NAPP? Check out the cool Portfolios section and prepared to be humbled! Remember, these people have probably been reading Photoshop User longer than you and have gone through a lot of the tutorials, so their portfolios rock. The level of talent amazes me on this site, and people are very good about providing feedback in a constructive way on your photos.

Help Center

Have a question about the latest gear? Want to know what Scott Kelby used for something (as I did once)? No problem – these people are great, and in fact I once had Laurie Excell answering my questions instantly at 2:00 AM in the morning! It was awesome!

Online Classes & LIVE Training

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the 40+ in-depth online courses that are broken up into multiple lessons totaling 1 to 2 hours each!

NAPP offers both KelbyTraining style training on Photoshop related subjects (photography stuff ends up on KelbyTraining). There’s lots of great content to help you get the hang of Lightroom, Photoshop and other Creative Cloud products.

Another place where you’ll save money as a NAPP member is on the LIVE training. When Scott Kelby or one of his team come to your city (even international classes offered) and you get a nice discount on admission. I’ve attended a bunch of these and always loved them. In fact, I even hosted a VIP Training event for only $79 for an ALL day class where my readers got to meet Scott Kelby! That’s less than $10 an hour to get training! It even included a great summary booklet to go with it, and I there’s always screaming deals KelbyTraining products (like books, DVD’s, etc…). These LIVE classes are always a excellent and a fantastic value.


I highly recommend you joining NAPP. I’ve never once regretted my membership. Between the discounts and the money you can save in the tutorials (versus other services) you’ll find that your membership investment is a wise one. If fact, it’s time for me to renew now so I better stop writing and go renew now.

Special Offer

Click here to go to the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) web site, and then click the JOIN NAPP button. You should then see this page where you can enter my code NAPPRON15 (or it may automatically populate):

Exclusive NAPP Discount for readers

After you enter my code and click Check Code (or if it auto populates) you should see this under the boxes above:

NAPP Discount Applied

In your cart you’ll see the actual discount applied:

NAPP Discount In Cart

See my article entitled Exclusive NAPP Cash Discount to learn how you can save money on a NAPP membership! Visit the discount coupon code page for the latest details if you discover any problems with the codes, or for other offers.

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Christopher Cooke said...

Great information. I used MPIX for the first time a week ago and plan to use them for the wedding albums for the wedding I did last weekend. I have yet to order a frame, but would do it without a thought after seeing the quality of the ones you received.

Matt Campbell said...

Plus they have a good amount of discounts available to NAPP members. I have more then paid for my membership by taking advantage of the discounts offered to NAPP members. said...

Matt - that's true, but to be honest it hurts my blog when you use their links instead of mine here.

People using my links helps partners to understand the scope of influence of the blog and search engine results. Both factors are critical in my ability to get cool stuff to review for my readers.

NAPP effectively passes the commission I would normally get on to you hence the larger discount - in some cases. However this undermines my business model.

I like NAPP and support NAPP, but your support in this matter is much appreciated.

Uwe said...

Is it "real" National or can one join from abroad?
Greets from Germany said...


I can't say for sure, but I think you can join from abroad as long as you have a payment time that is accepted by the cart.

Good luck,

Coach B. said...

Ron - I've been a NAPP member for the past year - and loved it. However, when I went in to renew it looks like the new rate is $250 for a single year (previously $99).

Is this true?

Please advise -- thanks.

CoachB said...

Coach B,

Yep, that's the new price.

Contact customer support about the special upgrade pricing for existing customers.