Friday, May 24, 2013

Scott Kelby gives readers VIP treatment at his Shoot Like A Pro show in Seattle

Scott Kelby & Ron Martinsen
Photo by Mike Wiebe

A small group of VIP’s were thrilled to get to have some
private time with Scott and VIP seating at the Shoot Like A Pro show in Seattle

Scott Kelby put on a fantastic presentation at the Shoot Like A Pro show in Seattle. It was both informative and entertaining to myself and all those who attended. It was great to see Scott in action and hear some really great practical advice during the show.

If you have the chance to attend one of his shows I would HIGHLY recommend it! While I wouldn’t agree with everything he had to say because he’s trying to generalize to a large audience, I found most of the advice to be very sound. I did think that the class and handout materials were excellent. It was also great to better learn how much Scott really is a “real” photographer and not just another web personality or book author.

Escaping Disaster

As luck would have it, one of my former workshop students – Mike Wiebe – decided to join us for a post conference chat which caused him to miss the I-5 disaster on the bridge he would have driven on to go home. I just crossed that bridge around 12:30 AM on Thursday myself so we are both very happy to have avoided that disaster!

Where to order

Click here to learn more! If you can’t attend then consider a subscription to Kelby Training to watch some of Scott’s videos on some of the subjects covered during the class. NAPP also offers great articles each month as well as many other great benefits.

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murali said...

It was such a nice experience, Meeting Scott Kelby in person and attending his Seminar for the first time. Thanks Ron, for the arrangements..