Friday, September 25, 2009

onOne Software Photo Essentials 3 (20% off and Free Upgrade)


If you’ve lusted after onOne Software’s plug-in suite but didn’t have Photoshop, you may be thrilled to know that Photo Essentials 3 for Photoshop Elements has a lot of similar technology for a fraction of the cost. Photo Essentials 3 is a collection of five tools that correct color, remove unwanted backgrounds, add photographic effects and enlarge photos. Using the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 (Windows / Mac), onOne’s Photo Essentials 3.0 offers these capabilities:

  • New Photo Essentials Palette – The Palette provides quick access to all five modules from a single location right inside Photoshop Elements.
  • Make It Cool – New in Essentials 3, this offers a library with dozens of professional effects that can be added to images in one click.
  • Make It Better – Turn your snapshots into professional images. Automatically fix brightness, contrast, color and sharpness with no need to understand cryptic sliders.
  • Cut It Out – Easily remove an unwanted background while maintaining fine detail such as hair, clouds and glass.
  • Frame It – Choose from hundreds of easy to add edge and border effects to give pictures the perfect finishing touch.
  • Enlarge It – Get sharp, poster sized prints out of your photos, even from camera phones

In addition, this product is super easy to use. Click here to learn more about Photo Essentials.

The best part is if you order the current version using the 20% RMART20 discount code from this blog on the Discount Coupon Code page, you can be one of the first people to get the updated Version 3 FREE when it ships. onOne Software’s Photo Essentials 3 will be available in October 2009 for $69.99. Customers who purchase Photo Essentials 2 on or after September 24, 2009 will receive a complimentary upgrade to Photo Essentials 3 as an electronic download for free.

Here’s a picture of the onOne shopping cart with the coupon code box highlighted (NOTE: the code shown in the picture does not apply to this offer).

If you already have Photoshop, a special promo price for Plug-in Suite has been extended. Read here for details. If not, then Amazon has a great deal that features a $20 discount rebate off the prices shown below when you pre-order. It’s a great for those just getting started!

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