Thursday, November 11, 2010

BlueMelon–Inexpensive Photo Hosting on the Web


The nice folks at contacted me recently about their neat photo hosting site that is an alternative to better known sites like flickr, smugmug, zenfolio, etc…

While I wouldn’t consider this site to be in the same category as those I featured in my pro web hosting series, I do think that it is a decent site that is usable by the small business photographer doing things like senior portraits, sports team photos, etc… much like one would use zenfolio.

Feature-wise it has most of the powerful features I love about Smugmug Pro, but it lacks the customization and polish of Smugmug Pro at this point.  It does allow for CSS, head tag customization so there’s a way to get better results than I was in my short testing I did with this site, so I’d encourage readers to take the tour to see what all is possible with this cool site.

Here’s a chart to compare the different account levels. As of 11/9/10, prices range from free to $89.95/year for the top of the line package, so it is a pretty good value for what you get and a much more secure than Flickr.

Click here or the image below to sign up or learn more at

Special Offer

Use the coupon code B4739552 to save 20% when you sign up using this link.


BlueMelon provided me with an enterprise account to evaluate their site and I may get a commission if you use the coupon code.

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