Saturday, December 25, 2010

REVIEW: Purosol Optical Lens Cleaner –All Natural Formula

For years I was a obsessive compulsive automotive detailer, and no cleaning job was complete without sparkling clean glass. I’m a big fan of Griots Garage products for my detailing, so I’d usually use their window cleaner when I needed to clean my lenses and electronics gadgets.

The company that makes Purosol sent me the kit above to try and I thought it’d be handy to have the spray bottle to put my Griot’s cleaner in, but I was happy to discover that this is some really good stuff – way better than my Griots Window Cleaner!

I know it is a little spendy, but I found it is better than anything I’ve used at getting rid of skin oil – especially on those damn polarizers where it seems to never want to come off! I also love it for my iPhone and other electronic gadgets.  alt

I highly recommend  Purosol Optical Cleaner for cleaning your camera LCD, lenses, and other gadgets – but please use as directed and consult your products cleaning instructions before use. Some lenses aren’t water proofed so you have to take care to avoid getting liquid in the lens (I usually spray up holding them to the ground with a soft puff to the center of the glass, and dry using the soft clean microfiber in this position.

Visit B&H for a complete list of Purosol products.

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