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ZoomAlbum – The Perfect Gift

Photo courtesy of ZoomAlbum

If you are reading this then odds are you are a photographer which means you have no available income for the holidays because you spend any extra funds you get on photography related expenses. This means for the holidays you’ll be offering your services or coming up with other ways to get leverage your photography skills as gifts so the holidays don’t wipe out your savings for that next lens or camera body.

With this reality in mind, wouldn’t it be cool if you could give a great photography gift that is original, creative and something your family and friends are sure to love?

Well this year I have the answer and it’s called the ZoomAlbum PhotoBook. This is a super easy to assemble mini-photo album that grandparents, soldiers, aunts & uncles, etc… can keep in their pocket to have great collection of their loved one(s).

Here’s a great example shown on the Martha Stewart that demonstrates just how easy it is to make these at home with your ink jet printer (and if you don’t have one check out my printing series):


Video courtesy of ZoomAlbum

When Chief Book Maker, Doug Rowan, showed me how to make these at the JVH Digital Print Festival, I knew I had to do an article to show my readers as I thought this was the perfect holiday gift!

Is it really that easy?

Video courtesy of ZoomAlbum

I finally had a chance to print one of these out from start to finish and do it all myself and it worked out fairly well. I’ve seen many examples assembled before my eyes at the JVH Print Festival, but I still found it a little tricky to assemble so be sure you watch the video above and do the test print. I should also point out that this doesn’t require that you have a pro series printer, as it seems any ink jet printer will do. If you do have a pro printer, use the auto sheet feeder for the best results!

Initially I had problems with the software on my Windows 7 64-bit based computer, but I solved the problem by running Windows Update and getting the latest version of the ZoomAlbum software after my reboot. Other’s have reported this problem so it appears it was an isolated problem.

These books seem pretty durable too as my 17 month old son has been "reading” one for over a month and it hasn’t been destroyed. He’s not a gentle kid, so this is a good sign. I know he could destroy it if wanted to, so don’t take this as an indication that it makes a great book for toddlers as that probably isn’t the case.

ZoomAlbum Christmas Tree Ornaments
Photo Courtesy of ZoomAlbum


I plan on sending family members some of these for the holidays and may also send some to select clients and agencies with my portfolio work as a way to get attention in the sea of holiday cards they will get.

It’s a clever idea and I highly recommend you check it out. They are also priced right to make it great gift for 3 family members for less than you’d normally have to spend for one gift!

Technical Info

Here’s more info about how to get the latest version of the software for use with ZoomAlbum for Windows (Mac available on and the users guide:

ZoomAlbum Creator™ Version 2.1 Build 22 for Windows®

ZoomAlbum Creator™ Personal Version 2.1 Users Guide for Windows®

Special Offer


Save 15% when you use the code ronmart2010 at, so for less than $30 you can get 3 books! This is not a permanent sale and is EXCLUSIVE to readers (as of the time this article was written).


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