Friday, February 4, 2011

Think Tank Photo Bag Giveaway – Winners

Thanks for all of you who helped kick off the first month of the Ron Martinsen Photography & Photoshop Forums by posting questions and answers. As a reward for their contributions in getting the forums going, I’d like to announce the following winners:

Frank Trinkle (SittingElf)

image Frank Trinkle (SittingElf) – Forum Fan

Frank was the most enthusiastic user on the forum with a lucky 13 posts. For his efforts, Frank Wins a:

Urban Disguise 50 (review)
Sorry Frank, no gear is included!

Get to know Frank in his own words in his intro post here on the forum.

Top Moderators

I’d also like to thank the top two forum moderators Tommy Williams (twwilliams) with 41 posts and Michael Schene (MyOtherFocus) with 21 posts. For their devotion to keeping the blog going and the spammers at bay, I have awarded the following bags (gear not included):

Tommy Williams (twwilliams)

Sling-O-Matic 10 (review)

Michael Schene (MyOtherFocus)

Urban Disguise 70 (review)

Thank You

I’d like to thank the winners for their support, those who participated but didn’t win for their contribution and of course Think Tank Photo for providing these bags to give to my readers,


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ron!

By using your link to Think Tank, I was able to get the Cable Management 10 free.

Much appreciated.