Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GQ Beezerker Article (UPDATED)

Images provided by GQ France – All Rights Reserved

I’ve been having great success licensing my images of Christopher Flechtner’s (Speed Shop Design) amazing custom built motorcycle called The Beezerker, but I must say that I’m pretty jazzed about this one. Now as someone who aspires to do fashion and motorsports photography at the highest level this a great honor to see your work in GQ Magazine (France Edition).

For those who are wondering, no I didn’t give these images away for free. In fact, the tool I used to help determine a fair price in Euros was FotoQuote. It was a great tool for helping me to invoice the magazine as well so I was glad I had it on hand for this and the 8 other magazines who have licensed images of this cool motorcycle.

NOTE: Below is a new image uploaded on 2/4/11 as the original was incorrect (horrible colors, digital artifacts, and the wrong layout). This was taken from the PDF used to generate the actual article:

Layout provided by GQ France – All Rights Reserved
Images Copyright © Ron Martinsen – All Rights Reserved

The moral of the story here is that YES, magazines do still pay for photos and you shouldn’t just roll over when they ask for them for free (everyone will ask for free photos first). Stick to your guns and ask a fair rate and more times than not you’ll get compensated and enjoy seeing your images published. Yes, I have had to turn some magazines down who only wanted to use the images for free, but have I really lost anything by letting something go that was all my work and no reward?

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