Thursday, April 14, 2011

Death & Taxes

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I apologize to all of my readers and partners of this blog for not writing more this week, but like many of you I’m staying up late with a stiff drink, a calculator and a big headache called taxes.

I’ll be back soon with some great announcements, so stay tuned – and wish me luck that I get this stuff done soon!


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Mike K. said...

Dear Ron,

Hey! Big fan of your blog and work! I am a fellow Canon shooter (1d Mark III, which I love; if I had the money I would upgrade to the Mark IV, but this is great for now!). Keep up the great work...but I just want to know, how was the Maker's Mark 46 that appears to be pictured for the "Death & Taxes" blog entry??


-Mike, from Chicago
"mnovacanes" on Flickr
(more postings coming soon with the 1d Mark III) said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for supporting the blog!

That Maker's Mark 46 hit the spot and I ended up with refund (only the third time in my life) so I'll have to remember to have it next year.

Enjoy your 1D Mark III - it's hard to go back to non-pro bodies once you've used them. Be sure to check out on my guide on the 1D Mark IV as MOST of the topics apply to the 1D Mark III as well.


Joe Hallock said...

That bottle looks familiar... said...

Indeed it does Joe - thanks!