Thursday, August 25, 2011

Epson 4900 – $1000 Instant Rebate until August 31st ($5 LESS than 3880!!!)

Epson Stylus® Pro 4900
Image Courtesy of Epson America, Inc

For only $1145 you can get the world class Epson Stylus® Pro 4900 printer with HDR inks and roll paper support from B&H (as of 8/25/11 – prices subject to change without notice).  That’s only $5 LESS than the 3880 (based on current prices at B&H) for a high output pro printer with significantly better print heads and ink, plus huge ink tanks (which means you’ll save in the long run on ink).

To see this price you must add it to the cart. Here’s what happens:

Add to your cart to see the $1145 price for the 4900

You can read my review here. I can say that it is far superior to the 3880 in terms of image quality and the added support for roll paper and a large capacity sheets is a very handy feature. If you are currently on the fence trying to decide if you should go with the 3880 or the 4900, then your search is over – the 4900 is the way to go now – without question.

Learn more about printing in my printing series where I cover a wide variety of topics on the printing workflow.

NOTE: This printer is huge and requires special shipping. Please confirm you have the space and a heavy duty surface to hold it (ordinary desks can’t hold this beast). This is not a desktop printer like the 3880, so think before you buy!

Here’s some good papers to throw in the cart with your purchase as well:

Roll or sheets up to 17 inches wide are fine with this printer.

******* See my full 4900 review here. *******

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seema said...


Joe Blackwood said...

The Price at B&H is $1,145.00 after you add the Epson 4900 to your cart for purchase.

Joe said...

Wow, you are right Joe - I hadn't noticed that! This an AMAZING price!

I'll have to update the article!

Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...


I too saw the B&H new price and even called them this morning to confirm that the price would hold even though the printer is out of stock. But a few hours later it seems that this has changed. Not only has it changed but the $1000+ discount now means that you pay $2495 for printer b/c B&H is now listing the printer at $3495. If I recall, $2495 is very close to what the printer sold for prior to the B&H "discount". I'm surprised that B&H would do this but I just got off the telephone with B&H and I was told they'd get back to me (which I don't find satisfactory). said...

I'm going through my contacts at B&H to get to the bottom of the issue - stay tuned.

What I'm seeing on my computer is that the printer is back to its full price of $2495 without the instant rebate applied, so I'm not sure where your seeing $3495.

Special deals are always "while supplies last" and are generally done to clear excess supply in the channel. This was such a good deal I wouldn't be surprised to see it come to an end.

Amazon and Adorama still seem to have the deal going so you can try those as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ron. I went ahead and ordered from Adorama ($1069) because I can't figure out what's happening with B&H (and I really want to take advantage of the price!).

Henry Posner said...

Ron wrote: Special deals are always "while supplies last" and are generally done to clear excess supply in the channel. This was such a good deal I wouldn't be surprised to see it come to an end.

That's it, in a nutshell. We bought as many as we could at the price and when inventory was depleted could not get more at that price. We're very sorry for having caused inconvenience to anyone and personally I wish we had another boatload of them

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video