Thursday, March 15, 2012

Farewell Old Friend

Ron Martinsen's Canon 5D Mark II
Ron Martinsen's Canon 5D Mark II

On September 18th, 2008 I ordered the 5D Mark II to much of the same excitement I feel today about the 5D Mark III. Unfortunately that body didn’t ship until December 3rd, 2008 but I was pretty happy about it then and I still am now – 24,345 clicks later. However, it’s AF system left a bit to be desired, and what Canon has done with the 5D Mark III means good times are ahead.

Looking back at my favorite 5D Mark II shots

This camera served me well and paid for itself many times over. Here’s a few of the shots that I loved the most.

Beezerker - Copyright Ron Martinsen
The Beezerker – My favorite photo shoot

Porsche 911 C4s Cabriolet
2006 997 C4s Cabriolet – Ironically she’s for sale now too

A Distorted View of New York (c) Ron Martinsen - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Manhattan Nightscape
All photos in this article are Copyright Ron Martinsen – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

My largest print – 24x54 inches from 60% of a single 5D Mark II shot

These shots also warranted my investment in this camera as they paid for this camera many times over, so I try to remember that when paying for the new bodies coming out now.

Farewell Old Friend

I paid $2699 for my 5D Mark II and sold it (and a few accessories) for $1900 for those who are interested in that tidbit. I think I could have fetched more if I held out, but I was glad to sell it to a former student who is switching from Nikon to Canon.

Farewell old friend - tomorrow you go into the hands of a new owner who is sure to be as pleased with you as I have been through the years. Serve him well!

Pre-order your Canon 5D Mark III Today

If you want to enjoy the latest replacement for this great camera, you can. Units are rumored to ship next week so here’s your chance to join the fun that is sure to begin on the web once units arrive:

From there it is time to sit back and wait until (hopefully) next week when units start shipping. In the meantime you can read the 5D Mark III manual on Canon’s Website.


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