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Using the Canon G1X in the Real World vs the Fujifilm X10 (Video)

Fujifilm X10 (left) vs Canon G1X (right) Video Comparison
Camera Positions

My recent article entitled Using the Canon G1X in the Real World vs the Fujifilm X10 was a HUGE hit because people don’t want to see staged shots taken by pros with a team of assistants. Instead, they want to see REAL WORLD shots like they can expect to find when they use these products. In this installment I’ll do the same with video to show you what you can really expect to get if you use these two video cameras in the real world.

Horrible Conditions Test

The shot above shows how these cameras were literally sitting on a game table on top of a couple magazines (to give them more height) to shoot this video. The G1X powered off when I took this shot so its lens wasn’t extended, but both were optically zoomed as needed to frame the video in a similar fashion.

In my previous real world test I felt that the X10 had the best overall performance, but for video Canon’s experience provided a better overall result. Here’s one of my typical crappy videos under horrific lighting conditions so you can really see what’s the worst you can expect to get in a room with at least some light at night:

Canon G1X

Canon G1X vs Fujifilm X10 under horrible conditions

Simply put, under super tough conditions the nice glass and big sensor on the G1X showed how they are beneficial. I was impressed at how well it did under this very tough light conditions

Fujifilm X10

Fujifilm X10 vs Canon G1X under horrible conditions

The strength of the X10 is its EXR mode, but that technology obviously doesn’t make it into its videos and it shows. Overall this was a total fail for the X10 which is otherwise a pretty strong performer, so I was glad I ran this test. As an X10 owner it tells me that I need to get more light and not rely on EXR magic to save my butt when I’m doing video under tough conditions like these.

Casual Outdoor Video Test

Here during a short evening stroll with my wife and son I capture a video like any normal dad would get. I just  pull the camera out, turn it on and start shooting the video. Nothing was planned and the subjects are going into the sun at sunset (golden hour light).

Canon G1X Casual Outdoor Video Test

What I noticed here once again is that the motor used for zooming ruins the audio and causes the video to flicker. The Fujifilm has a motor-less zoom which offers a HUGE advantage if you will be zooming while your video films. Naturally given the dynamic nature of this video I couldn’t do an exact comparison, but you do see how the auto focus and the dynamic exposure metering performs.


For video quality I’ve gotta give the G1X credit – it’s pretty good for a point and shoot. However, the motor noise on zoom, the weight and the photo taking performance don’t have me listing my X10 on eBay. I also am disappointed there are no creative video modes like the X10 offers where you can do up to 200fps for slow motion effects. See my X10 review for more details of its video.

Order your G1X now from B&H where I got mine or if they are out of stock then consider Adorama too.

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