Tuesday, July 24, 2012

20% off - Discover the Art of Photography by Trey Ratcliff

Discover the Art of Photography

My friend Trey Ratcliff has a new class coming out that I think is going to be a huge hit! For only $149  $119.20 you get four LIVE webinar episodes on:

Episode 1: Getting Started

- Introduction to photography
- Learning through curiosity and discovery
- Setting up your camera
- Taking your first photo
- Editing your photo with Adobe Lightroom

Episode 2: Photo Composition

- Challenging the traditional teachings on composition
- Live example: Composing a landscape photo
- Live example: Composing a photo with people
- Editing the landscape and people photos
- Review examples of many different compositions

Episode 3: Finding Your Own Style

- Discovering your unique path to your own art
- Live examples: Photographing in a park and a candy shop
- Editing the photos from the park and candy shop
- Reviewing examples of small object composition
- More advanced techniques using Adobe Lightroom

Episode 4: Photo Editing

- Moving past the learning curve of post processing
- Sharing your photos with others online
- Playing with Adobe Photoshop
- Tips & Tricks with Adobe Photoshop
- Introduction to HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography

It’s a pretty decent deal, so if you’ve watched all the great stuff on KelbyTraining.com (discount) and are looking for more online classes to help you improve your skills, this is a great place to start!

Click here to register and enter the code DiscoverArt20 to save 20%!


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