Friday, September 14, 2012

Nikon D800 In Stock With Rebates, 5D Mark II Price Drop & New Sekonic L-478D Touch Screen Light Meter

Nikon D800

B&H has the D800 in stock and ready to ship. Click here to order now, or read my review to decide if this camera is right for you.

Orders placed on September 14th will ship on Sunday Sept 16th according to B&H.

I haven’t heard anything official from Adorama yet, but I suspect they will have them in stock too as they aren’t showing a back order notice anymore. Click here to see the latest Adorama status.

Nikon Rebates

The Nikon Rebate Page at B&H has more info about how you can buy together and save big too!

$200 Canon Price Drop

The Canon 5D Mark II kit with 24-105mm lens is only $2599, and the stand alone body is only $1899 at B&H! $400 rebates are also available when you buy a printer at the same time.

Sekonic L-478D & L-478DR Touch Screen Lightmaster Pro Light Meter

L-478DR and L-478D Available Now

The all-new Sekonic L-478D and L-478DR offers a touch screen interface and Pocket Wizard integration for a nice modern twist and easy to read user interface on the age old incidental light meter.


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