Friday, November 2, 2012

My Favorite Metallic Paper Just Got Better - 300gsm Polar Pearl Metallic Plus

Carrera 4s by Ron Martinsen - All Rights Reserved
This image looks great on Polar Pearl Metallic Plus

Red River Paper has introduced a new 300gsm Polar Pearl Metallic Plus that offers the proven benefits of the original 255gsm weight Polar Pearl Metallic with more weight and thickness. You’ll get amazing results from this truly unique inkjet paper that closely matches the look of photo lab metallic prints. Polar Pearl Metallic features the same aspects as its lab equivalent - a high gloss finish and a pearlescent base stock that yields an elegant iridescence in your images. Getting great prints from Polar Pearl Metallic is easy, and Red River Paper even offers free printer profiles to make color management a breeze. This paper is compatible with any inkjet printer and requires no special equipment, inks, or finishing techniques to achieve the metallic effect.
300gsm Polar Pearl Metallic Plus is part of Red River's Polar family of products which represent the absolute state-of-the-art in photo inkjet papers.

Color profiles are available for your printer in Red River's color profile library using the same Polar Pearl Metallic profile for both the original and new version.

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  • The look of photo lab metallic prints
  • Compatible with any inkjet printer
  • Low OBA paper
  • 11.8mil photo thickness (vs 10.4 for the 255gsm version)
  • Warm tone for pleasing color reproduction
  • Acid free base stock. Coating slightly acidic.

To see my review of the thinner predecessor to this paper, check out my article entitled Metallic Paper Comparison: Red River Polar Pearl vs LexJet Sunset Photo (Coupon Code Included). I’ve used this new paper and it’s everything the original is with more substance which helps reduce the chance of accident denting – woohoo!

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