Sunday, May 1, 2016

Nikon D5–Day 1–I’m Impressed & Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Review Update

Nikon D5 Test Shot (EDITED)

My Nikon D5 review is still a ways out, but after shooting about 950 shots today and having only about 10 that were out of focus (which I can partially blame myself for), to say that I’m excited to do this review is an understatement!  I loved the D4s, so my expectations are very high.

Will this be the camera that finally gets me to switch from Canon?

More to come in the not too distant future!

Sorry for the X-Pro 2 review delay

Natasha at Sunset by Ron Martinsen on
Canon 1D X using the 70-200mm at f/4 for 1/400 sec at ISO 160 and 150mm 

My sincere apologies to my Fujifilm readers who have been waiting for my conclusion to the X-Pro 2, but I got side-tracked with the day job that pays the bills and an important photoshoot for a client (of which one of the photos is shown above). My review WILL come out  early this week!  If you haven’t seen part one yet, then click here to read it now.

See more shots from this shoot on 500px.


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jimz-mtz said...

Lets see what the 1DX2 has to offer. said...


As a 1DX owner, I will no doubt be putting the Mark II through the same tests to see what it has to offer.