Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Chance to Win a Think Tank Photo Bag on a Monday June 13th!

Prize Option #1 - An Urban Disguise 40 (camera gear not included)

Prize Option #2 – An Airport AirStream Roller Bag


How To Participate

I want to learn how you are processing your photos based on what you’ve learned from this blog. You are welcome to use demo software, but you must follow the rules to qualify.

All you need to do is tell me how you process your photos using products reviewed on this blog:

  1. Submit your entry to the forums (url’s to your own blogs accepted)
  2. If you use products featured in the right column on this blog, your forum or blog post should link to my articles
  3. You should show a before and after shot plus a screen capture of your layers panel if it is useful.

The format here is much like my Photo Thoughts series. Here’s some examples that show how you might do your articles:


I tried to join your forums, but it won't let me
I have to approve new applications, so just sit tight and I'll do it within 24 hours.
I posted my entry but it didn't show up - what happened?
New users to the forums have to get their posts approved by moderators due to spam abuse. You don't need to re-submit, we'll see it and publish valid posts.
I don't want to post in your forums, can I still participate?
No, this event is being done to raise awareness of the forums.
I'm too lazy to find links to your articles on the right side of this blog, can I still participate?
No, you need to have at least 2 but the more the merrier.
Can I choose which Think Tank Photo bag I win?
No, but if more than one bag becomes available I may contact the person with the best entry and ask them which one of the choices they want.
Can I watermark or link my photos?
Yes, please do - but you can upload them to the forums too.
Do I retain rights to my photos?
Absolutely. The only rights you are assigning me is the right to show your photo on the forum where you've posted it and in a blog article announcing the winner(s). I have no other use for your photos.
I don't like your rules, can I still participate?
Yes, but you will be ineligible for selection of a free camera bag.
Do I have to use Photoshop, or can I use Lightroom, Aperture, etc...?
No, you can use whatever you want but I'd like you to demonstrate the use of at few products featured on this blog - the more the better.
Can I link to gear or book reviews instead of plug-ins?
Sure, those are just as good. However, I'd prefer that you try out some of the plug-ins and link to those as well.
Will the person with the most links win?
Not necessarily, but the more the better. I'll be choosing the winner based on the best overall article which will include the quality of their final image after post-processing.
I don't know how to do your before and after trick, what do i do?
No worries, just show them any way you want in your article.
I hate doing stuff like this in forums, but I don't have blog - what should I do?
Get a free blog on or just for this and don't use it anymore after - it won't cost you anything. Use Windows Live Writer to edit your blog for the best user experience.
Can I do a video instead?
Yes, but you must post a link in the forums along with links to the products featured in the video.
Can I use products you haven't reviewed yet?
Yes, please do. Just try to include some products featured on the blog - even services like Zenfolio count.

The Fine Print

There is no purchase necessary and participation is strictly for entertainment / educational purposes. Void where prohibited. Winners are responsible for shipping expenses necessary to receive their bags, but free pickup in Redmond or Renton Washington is available. You may only choose one of an Urban Disguise 40 or Airport AirStream and no equipment, accessories, etc… will be included.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to mail me using the link at the top right of this blog.

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