Wednesday, January 2, 2013

REVIEW: Kelly Moore Thirst Relief Bag–Discount Offer

Kelly Moore Thirst Relief Bag
A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this bag will provide
a LIFETIME of clean drinking water for up to four people (
learn more)

Want to get a great new camera bag that looks better with age? Want to help provide a lifetime of clean drinking water for up to four people? If so, then the new Kelly Moore Thirst Relief bag is the bag for you! This bag is very much like the Kelly Boy bag I reviewed back in 2011, but it has an update style and better mechanism for keeping the bag shut. The waxed finish also resists water and provides a nice finish that never stays the same and improves with age!

A Closer Look

Here’s a closer look at this bag:

The buckles not only look great, they work great – easy to use and they hold tight

Tipped forward to show its backside, you can easily fit a tablet in the outside rear pocket

Inside I could easily fit a 600EX-RT flash, a 6D with 24-105mm,
100mm macro (hidden), and a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens

The side pocket holds 8 memory cards and can still fit a little more in it

Video Tour

Here’s a quick video tour of this bag:

View in HD on YouTube


Just like the Chapel Bag I reviewed yesterday, this bag is super high quality but uses man-made materials so that no animals were harmed in the product of this product. This bag also has a removable interior so that I may be used for purposes beyond photography.

This is a really great bag for men and women. Given its great looks and the great cause behind the product makes it an excellent gift for your environmentally conscious friends.

NOTE: In this review I’ve tried to capture the color of this bag as I see it. The images on Kelly Moore Bag’s web site seem darker than what it looks to my eyes in real life.

Special Offer (EXPIRES Jan 31, 2013)

Discount Offer Expires January 31, 2013
*** This offer will expire on January 31, 2013 and will not be renewed, so order now ***

You can start enjoying the discount now ($15 at the time of this writing) until January 31, 2013 and then this offer is gone for good! You MUST CLICK THIS LINK and then enter in the code found above on Kelly Moore Bag's website when you check out.

If you can’t find your favorite bag in stock on the Kelly Moore web site, then check to see if you can find it at Adorama’s Kelly Moore Bag Store. It will cost you a little more, but it’s better than back order!

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ReidWolf said...

Nice review, it looks like a good bag for urban expeditions when you don't want to look like a pack mule or have camera flapping around. Sorry about Comcast but as a cash contributor I pay for your unvarnished opinion on all matters. Hope you weren't muzzled by our corporate rulers.

bgood said...

Have the bag and it looks great (gets lots of comments) and works great too. I like the large capacity but relatively slim profile front to back.