Friday, December 14, 2012

Camera Creatures–A Great Way To Get Your Kids Attention For Holiday Photos

Let’s face it, every parent knows that it can be super tough to get your kids attention to get the shot sometimes. It can be horrifying after you’ve made a big investment in the perfect camera, a great flash, the best training, and plug-ins only (not to mention countless hours reading the best books) to have your little darling ending up being a little stinker who won’t look at the camera like my little guy:

How are you going to explain to your spouse that all those thousands of dollars you spent on gear weren’t a waste of money after all???!!!!

The Solution – Camera Creatures

Hey, let’s face it – your old tricks only work for so long but who can not get a kick out of the doggy face at the top of this article? Even your stubborn little kiddo is sure to giggle so you can get that perfect smile next time!

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Here’s the full selection of Camera Creatures:

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1 comment:

Chris Mullins said...

Those camera creatures are awesome!

I can't count the number of times a smiling child has seen me pointing a gigantic 70-200 F/2.8 their way only to instantly into "Full Pout" mode.

I ordered the full set of them and even sprung for express shipping.

Hopefully this will result in many more smiling and laughing kiddo's!

Thanks for blogging about 'em!!