Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Other Blogs

I’ve had a huge influx of new readers, so I thought I’d take a moment and mention my other blogs for those who think I spend too much time talking about non-photography stuff here.

Ron Martinsen’s Photography Notebook

Actually the real truth is that my ADD got the better of me tonight, so spent time redesigning my old Photography Notebook site:

Ron Martinsen's Photography Notebook

This is my journal of things that I’ve learned from various photos. It’s written to be read by others, but it’s really my notes to myself. I send my students here to pick up on things I’ve learned along the way in the hopes that they can make their own mistakes and learn from mine.

Introducing Asian Photo Adventures

The redesign of the blog above took place because I launched a new blog last night whose target audience are my close friends and family. This is where I will chronicle my trips to Asia, starting with my most recent one last year.

Asian Photo Adventures

I like the clean interface and great mobile device support of these new blogs, but sadly is too complicate to port over to this new design just yet. I tried, but I ran into a handful of snags that blocked the conversion. If any readers out there are blogspot template ninjas and want to help me do the conversion, I’d love to hear from you. I know some people hate the white text on black background of this site, but I just modeled this site after and when I set this site up, so I figured that was a good thing. Little did I know that this site which I created just to store my frequently written emails about photography would end up one of the more popular photography and photo editing blogs in the world!

This lesson taught me to think more carefully when building my new sites, so that I don’t make the same mistake twice!

I hope you enjoy a peek at my other sites, but here’s where the real action is. Please continue to join me as I try hard to bring you more content that you’ll love!

Best wishes,
Ron Martinsen

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