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Fujifilm X-E1 Real World Sample Images

FUJIFILM X-E1, f/8 @ 27.7 mm, 1/80,ISO 200, Shade WB, Velvia Film Simulation Mode

While out doing private training with one of my clients I had a chance to fire off a few frames with the Fujifilm X-E1 and managed to get some deliciously vibrant images. I thought I’d share them here for fun in case readers like you were wanting some better examples of this camera in the real world.

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All of the images shown in this article were casual snapshots taken to illustrate a point to my student, so my apologies for the lack of consideration to people and horizontal & vertical lines in these shots. These shots were not intended to be displayed publically, but since I thought they were great samples of the X-E1’s ability to make great exposures under sometimes difficult conditions I thought I’d share.

Real World Samples Images

All of the following images are copyright Ron Martinsen – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may view them but you may not store them on your computer, edit them, print them, or link them in any way without a signed written licensing agreement.

The images shown here are all in-camera JPEG’s with no post-processing (no cropping, sharpening, or editing of any sort). The vivid colors which some may enjoy and others may hate came from the built-in Velvia (Vivid) film simulation mode of the X-E1. I also shot with the Single Shot AF mode most of the time, but even in these conditions it had its moment where it failed to acquire focus no matter what I did so I gave up and used a different camera. This camera is great when it fires, but it can be frustrating sometimes when it can’t seem to find the contrast to focus even with larger AF points.

All of the images shown in this article and many more can be found in the sample gallery at

Panoramic Mode - M

Panoramic Mode – L

The two examples above were take with Velvia film simulation.

X-E1, f/7.1 @ 18 mm,1/320, ISO 200, No Flash, Shade WB, Velvia Film Simulation Mode

X-E1, f/8 @ 20.5 mm, 1/90,ISO 200, No Flash, Shade WB, Velvia Film Simulation Mode

X-E1, f/8 @ 48.4 mm,1/100, ISO 200, No Flash, AWB, Velvia Film Simulation Mode

X-E1, f/10 @ 18 mm,1/250, ISO 800, No Flash, AWB, Velvia Film Simulation Mode

X-E1, f/9 @ 55 mm,1/240, ISO 200, No Flash, AWB, Velvia Film Simulation Mode

X-E1, f/4 @ 48.4 mm,1/2200, ISO 400, No Flash, AWB, Velvia Film Simulation Mode
High shutter & ISO used due to very windy conditions shooting this bouncing branch


While these images are casual snapshots, they are good enough to call done for personal photos intended for friends and family. I find them to be visually satisfying enough that my desire to own a X-E1 is growing stronger, despite the logical side of my head remembering some of my concerns during my review. This is a camera with a fantastic lens, sensor and internal image processing. The only thing not to love in my book is the price and AF performance.

Where to order

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