Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NEC Adds Quick Print Emulation to MultiProfiler 1.2+

NEC MultiProfiler Quick Print Emulation Feature

NEC has updated its MultiProfiler software (available at no charge for both Mac and PC for P & PA series displays). The latest version makes the previously obscure task of setting a paper profile to one of your Picture Modes to a ICC profile (for soft proofing) and makes it much easier now thanks to the Quick Print Emulation Wizard.

The following is an example run through of how it works on both Mac and Windows systems.

NEC Quick Print Emulation Wizard

It starts off with an optional page that tells you about how to get the best results.

Select a printer profile

You are then asked for the output profile you want to emulate. In this case, I’m using a paper profile for my Canon PRO-1 printer. The profiles loaded are whatever you have installed on your system, so yes your printer is supported. You can also select profiles from alternate locations.

Print Rendering Intent

You can then choose the rendering intent you plan to use when you print your image, and I always check the simulate checkbox.

Set new Picture Mode Name

In this step you are asked what existing preset you wish to replace with this new setting, and a name is suggested based on your profile name. I accepted the default here, but normally I’d suggest a better name.

New Picture Mode Added

In the final step, notice how the previously Untitled Picture Mode now becomes the name you set on the previous page (Canon PRO 1 GL) with settings that simulate the profile you selected during the wizard.

This is cool because it helps you to better match what you see on the screen with what should come out of your printer (assuming you use the same print settings, and your printer is operating properly). It should be noted that if you use this feature you should NOT use any additional soft proofing in Lightroom, Photoshop, etc… as you’ll end up with double soft proofing which leads to inaccurate results.

It should be noted that this feature works best on wide color gamut NEC monitor models like the PA series. Less expensive models (P series, and others) effectively render a near sRGB color space so this feature will not work with those models.

Once you have this picture mode set up you can use it at any time without re-running the wizard, and you can replace it by running the wizard again.


While Photoshop’s soft proofing can be very good, it’s only as good as your monitor calibration. If you don’t have a properly calibrated display and have been struggling with soft proofing, this might be a great solution to help you better understand what your print will look to others before you hit print. It’s certainly handy when editing an image for a specific output type.

Once you have things set in place the Shortcuts feature of MultiProfiler can be used so you can quickly switch between picture modes without using this software directly.

North American users can get the update from http://www.necdisplay.com/support-and-services/multi-profiler/downloads.

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